March 11, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST

Tyler, The Creator: ”Yonkers”
”It’s really dark, heavy hip-hop, and there’s something unhinged about it. Driving around at night listening to this song, you just feel like a villain in a movie.”

Wax, ”Dispensary Girl”
”This song is pretty adorable. It’s about a guy who falls in love with the girl who works at his weed dispensary. It’s a good example of who Wax is — equal parts Eminem, Sublime, and Drake.”

Jay Electronica Feat. Jay-Z and The-Dream, ”Shiny Suit Theory”
”The hook is this light swing; it kind of reminds you of old Cab Calloway — like if they had made hip-hop in the ’30s, that’s what ‘Shiny Suit Theory’ would’ve been.”

Radiohead, ”Codex”
”I’m a massive Radiohead fan. I’ve seen them 13 times live. This song is so simple and beautiful. It’s very basic in a lot of ways, but of course the emotion in Thom Yorke’s voice elevates it.”

Kanye West feat. Rick Ross, ”Devil in a New Dress”
”If you had hip-hop Grammys alone, that would be the song of the year. A lot of times when you love a song, you feel like it ends too quickly. ‘Devil in a New Dress’ is substantial — it’s like six minutes long.”

Miguel Feat. J. Cole, ”All I Want Is You”
”It’s one I would imagine women would respond to. It’s sort of D’Angelo-esque, this cool R&B beat, and it’s really sexy.”

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