March 11, 2011 at 09:28 PM EST

NBC is backing another reality series for their line-up: The network announced it has picked up Still Standing, a trivia game allowing contestants to out-guess 10 challengers in 10 different rounds. The series is based on an Israeli show, also called Still Standing. “This game show has proven its popularity overseas with its breakneck pace, physical humor and intense face-offs,” NBC’s Executive Vice President of Alternative Programming Paul Telegdy said in a release. “U.S. audiences will surely enjoy its swift and wit-filled antics.”

Here’s how the game works: Two contestants stand behind a two different coins whose value — which can amount to anything between $1 and $50,000 — is hidden. The players then answer questions until one loses… and is dropped down a trapdoor in the studio floor. But will you drop in on the show when it hits the small screen?

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