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Oh no, say it ain’t so, Kenny Powers! At a Paley Center tribute to HBO’s cult hit Eastbound and Down in Los Angeles Thursday, star Danny McBride (Kenny Powers) laid some not-so-pleasant news on the 800 or so fans who attended the session: He and fellow executive producer Jody Hill aren’t looking to go beyond a third season.


“We never really had an interest in turning the show into anything traditional,” McBride told the crowd. “We approach each season like it’s one long movie.” Gee, does HBO know you’re already prepared to call it quits? Anyway, the half-hour comedy that also stars Steve Little is expected to return sometime in early 2012. (Yes, we know, a looooong time from now).

McBride and Hill said they already know how Kenny’s journey will end. Gulp.

So what’s the plan for season 3? The guys couldn’t spill much — they’re writing it as we speak — but they did say Kenny will return to Shelby, N.C. Katy Mixon’s April Buchanon – who was missing during season 2 when the big guy went to Mexico — will be back, as will Stevie and his new wife Maria (Lisa De Razzo). Unfortunately, McBride wouldn’t spill when asked if the Oscar-nominated John Hawkes will reprise his role as Kenny’s brother Dustin Powers.

And the night wouldn’t have been complete if someone didn’t address Charlie Sheen. Fortunately, McBride was ready to take aim: He gave a shout-out to the website that asks readers to figure out if a quote was from his character or the ex-star of Two and A Half Men. Hill admitted he had a hard time guessing.

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