By Brad Wete
Updated March 10, 2011 at 10:21 PM EST
Kristy Sparow/

Justin Bieber’s haircut obviously didn’t scare off his Liverpool fans. Today in the land where Beatle mania began, the Biebs was forced by authorities to take it easy for fear that even a wave from his fittingly named Hard Days Night Hotel balcony would kick off a riot. Out there for his world tour, MTV reports, Justin provided a play-by-play of the ordeal through his Twitter page. He started off with this picture, showing the makings of a tween mob.

“This is crazy. There are, like, thousands of people out there. Love everybody, but gonna try and get some sleep. Please don’t scream,” he joked later. After his little nap, Bieber was bent on greeting his waiting fans. “Trying to work it out so i can say whatup to my fans,” he explained. And then, success! “That was great! got to say hi to everyone. we are following the rules,” he wrote. Glad he said hello. There’s no telling what those kids would’ve done if the police kept him inside.

Can you think of any artists you’ve gone nuts for? What do you make of Justin’s Liverpool experience today? Let us know.

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