By Mandi Bierly
Updated March 10, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST
Michael Yarish/AMC

In honor of Jon Hamm’s 40th birthday — and in celebration of my editor considering me spending time Googling Jon Hamm “work” — here are links to 40 photos of him. (This is more a gift for us than him. But whatever.)

40. Shaggy

39. This makes me think of shacking up with him in a remote Russian cabin (in Rocky IV)

38. Glasses

37. Remember this: You could stare at this ad and pretend it was because it was “arty”

36. Jon Hamm with a dog

35. I enjoy the unison

34. Teenage Dream

33. Goofy and sexy

32. Goofy and sexy II

31. Goofy and almost not sexy?

30. He makes a convertible look good

29. I’m thinking naughty boy waiting for his girlfriend in the alley

28. Yes

27. Smoking

26. Smokin’

25. Smokin’ II

24. Great use of eyebrow

23. Better use of eyebrow

22. Thighs

21. Thighs II

20. Window shopping

19. Not perfect?

18. Perfect

17. Perfect²

16. Perfect³

15. Perfect™

14. Giggling

13. Giggling II

12. Giggling III

11. Tux

10. Three-piece suit just as good

9. Cuddly

8. Neck

7. Hair issues

6. Beach

5. Cannonball

4. Beard

3. Sunglasses

2. Should be sexier than it is

1. Reward for making it to the end

P.S. Respect to Jennifer Westfeldt, who once gamely answered the question “What does Jon really smell like? Please say frosting.”