Jerry O’Connell, currently starring on CBS’ The Defenders, recently spoke to EW about some of his greatest roles, including Stand By Me, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. But what two co-stars did EW really want O’Connell to discuss? His “Heartbreaker” video co-star Mariah Carey and … the titular character from his 2003 movie, Kangaroo Jack. That’s right, PopWatchers: We get the goods. Read below for O’Connell’s thoughts on his two very different co-stars and to see which one was hardest to handle.

“Heartbreaker” (1999) O’Connell played Carey’s cheating boyfriend in this elaborate video, directed by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour). The actor only has great memories of Carey. “She was a trip. I don’t know anything about the music industry and I still don’t. Champagne was flowing. She had a huge trailer. There was security everywhere. That was a world I just didn’t know about. She was the best! She’s a real Long Island girl. I found her to be really sweet and funny.”

Kangaroo Jack (2003) The comedy, in which O’Connell starred opposite a giant, CG kangaroo, was a minor hit but gave the actor an unfortunate nickname for a while. “There was a couple of years where I went from ‘Fat Kid in Stand By Me‘ to ‘Talking Kangaroo Guy.’ I used to hate being called ‘Fat Kid from Stand By Me,’ especially if it was yelled to me on the street or at a baseball game or something. And then when people started calling me ‘Talking Kangaroo Guy,’ I sort of yearned for them to start calling me ‘Fat Kid in Stand By Me.’”

Now, the BIG question: Between these two divas, who was the easiest to deal with? Says O’Connell, “Mariah was easier to work with. I wasn’t just acting to a British guy dressed up in a green outfit, kicking me.” Fair enough.

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