At this stage of the game, there’s plenty that could be said about the concept of Charlie Sheen appearing in a video for Funny or Die. But in contrast to his unsettling TV and web appearances of the last few weeks, this version of Charlie Sheen is funny — in a Chuck Norris-is-awesome kinda way — and the best evidence yet that he’s simply playing with our heads. In the video, Sheen dons what appears to be a Cincinnati Bengals chef’s hat (Tiger blood, duh!) and shares his Winning Recipes: “I don’t cook food. I will it.”

There are so many lines here that will be ironed on sweatshop t-shirts by 1 p.m., but my favorite has to be, “My body is a lockbox of diamonds, uranium, and assassin nobility.”

Is this the first good thing Charlie’s done in weeks? Or did the clip leave you yearning for the end of this saga?

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