By Annie Barrett
Updated August 03, 2020 at 06:21 PM EDT

Now that the Top 13 season 10 contestants have attempted to embody their personal music heroes on Wednesday night’s performance show, which unlucky soul will J. Lo’s Coke Cup Lipstick send home tonight? Wildly off-key Jacob? Wildly off-key Ashthon? Risk-takin’ umbrella enthusiast Naima? Stefano? It could be anyone. Steven Tyler just needs to keep reaching into his deep V and pull out the answer.

Chat here about American Idol‘s one-hour results show, then come back later for my full recap, a detailed on-the-scene report, and an exit Q&A video with the eliminated contestant from Adam B. Vary!

UPDATE: Tonight’s eliminated contestant was….. Ashthon Jones. She sang Diana Ross again and the judges declined to use their “save.” Don’t you forget about her.

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