By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 09, 2011 at 10:45 PM EST

Image Credit: DisneyI’ve always been a fan of cartoons, and I think it’s because of their innocent, fantastical qualities — be it talking ducks swimming in a vault of gold coins, flying houses, or adorable Jewish mice that make you cry. They’re full of things you’d only see in your dreams. Well, that’s usually the case anyway.

Enter the National Geographic Channel’s new series How Hard Can It Be? (That’s what she said.)

The show recently recreated the iconic scene from Up in which Carl’s little house is taken into the air by a mass of multi-colored balloons. In real life, NGC’s team created a special, hollow house in its likeness and reportedly used 300 balloons (each one filled with an entire tank of helium) to lift it up. (Amazing video below.)

The little kid in me squealed when I first watched it happen — and if I’m being honest it sort of made me a little teary. It was like watching a dream come true, as corny as that sounds.

So that got me thinking: What would I want to see next? Since the Mythbusters already ruined my dreams of seeing a house demolished by popcorn (like in Real Genius!), I’d have to go with a vault of gold coins you could swim in, like on Duck Tails. Realistically, I’m not sure how possible that would be because of the coins’ viscosity and density, but this is my fantasy.

I posed this same question to team PopWatch. Surprisingly, 66 percent of the three responses I got were related to Willy Wonka. Annie Barrett said, “In grade school (and occasionally in EW meetings, JK people!), I used to glare at the people who thought they were smarter/cooler than me and envision them blowing up like blueberries a la Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka.” Kate Ward, meanwhile, said she “always wanted to walk into a giant room made of candy.” Hillary Busis had a simpler request: “I always wished that I could take part in a real food fight, like the ones that appear in just about every comedy aimed at kids ages 7-12 (It Takes Two, Hook, countless Nickelodeon series of the ’90s…). It never occurred to me that being covered in cafeteria spaghetti and mashed potatoes might actually be disgusting and uncomfortable”…and amazing.

What about you, PopWatchers? What amazing TV or movie moment have you always wanted to see in person?