By Kate Ward
Updated March 09, 2011 at 09:56 PM EST

The sky is blue. The Ryan Seacrest is orange. And season 10 of American Idol is much better than season 9, Simon Cowell tells Piers Morgan, while throwing on his Captain Obvious cape. In a preview clip for his March 14 interview on Piers Morgan Tonight, the former American Idol judge tells the CNN host: “I personally think it is a better show than last year. I genuinely do. I think what they’ve got is that it feels to me that they’ve got their energy back, that they’re confident, that they’re competitive.” What he means is, we’re no longer forced to watch a veteran judge with senioritis spending the course of a show daydreaming about whether or not he can place a house of cards on his flat top LEGO hair.

In the clip, Cowell also admits that the judge chemistry was off during season 9, when Ellen DeGeneres filled Paula Abdul’s seat on the panel. “I always think of Idol really as me, Paula, and Randy,” Cowell tells Morgan. “And I think when other people were brought in, and Paula wasn’t there, it was, to me, like being on a different show… weird atmosphere.” Aw, guys, I’m totally imaging that moment from season 2 when Paula and Simon made out during the finale. I bet if she sees this quote, Paula will start preparing to dangle Simon from her rear-view window. See the preview clip below!

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