The necklace at the center of Lindsay Lohan’s most recent run-in with the law is going up for auction. Kamofie and Company, the Venice, Calif., jewelry store that accused Lindsay Lohan of theft, will put the designer diamond necklace up for auction and donate the proceeds to charity. “The extensive media coverage of this case has been surprising, to say the least, and we are disappointed and upset by the various articles which have challenged our integrity,” the store’s owners said in a press release. “We have already publicly released the videotape which speaks for itself and accurately records the incident, and we believe the next step toward achieving closure is to donate the now-famous jewelry to charity.”

“[Kamofie creator and designer] Sofia Kaman would rather the money go to help an appropriate charity, since at least that way some good can result from this incident,” reported Christopher Spencer, the company’s spokesman.

Any auction will have to wait until after the legal proceedings are completed, as the necklace is currently being held as evidence by the Los Angeles District Attorney.

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