Comic books are becoming the new chroniclers of our strange times. Obama, Zuckerberg, and now Charlie Sheen. Like most super-hero (or villain?) stories, Sheen will get the full transformation narrative, from “mild-mannered sitcom actor” to “Vatican assassin warlock.”

Bill Clinton gives his college roommate, novelist Thomas Caplan, a huge prop by writing the forward to his spy thriller, due out in early 2012. Clinton calls it a “stylish, involving, utterly contemporary puzzle.”

Social media is changing the way world events occur, and a new title from OR Books, Tweets from Tahrir, will capture the raw emotion of the unrest in Egypt.

The librarians are revolting! HarperCollins has imposed strict limits on how many times their library e-book copies can be loaned, and other big publishers–Simon & Schuster and Macmillan–don’t distribute e-books to libraries at all. Librarians across the country are shedding their quiet, mousy images and sounding off on the blogosphere.

Don’t you love the smell of a musty old book? A senior library assistant at the Museum of Modern Art Library takes the olfactory experience of reading to a new level. This is awesome. And so very, very weird.

Many authors who achieve a huge level of success dump their day jobs as soon as they can, but Jeff Kinney, author of the Wimpy Kid series, has stayed on as web designer of as a labor of love. The website is in some ways a wholesome, instructive version of the Sim games, where kids create avatars and explore different worlds.