March 08, 2011 at 04:03 PM EST

Stephen Colbert had harsh words for Friend of The Colbert Report Mike Huckabee on last night’s show. To begin with, he took offense to Huckabee using Oscar winner Natalie Portman as an example of someone glorifying having children out of wedlock. “Look, I’m no fan of single mothers either. But it’s Natalie Portman we’re talking about. That kid she’s pregnant with is Luke Skywalker,” Colbert said, mouthing think, think. “So logically, if you’re against her pregnancy that means you’ve aligned yourself politically with Emperor Palpatine. You’re alienating all of Tatooine. It’s a swing planet.” Watch the clip below.

Colbert then ran through Huckabee’s other “Huckabombs,” including him falsely saying President Obama grew up in Kenya and therefore had a different view of the Mau Mau Revolution than most Americans, and equating acceptance of gay marriage to acceptance of incest. Truly, Colbert said, his main problem was that when Huckabee visits his show, the former Arkansas governor only gives him “a steaming pile of reasonable.” Until he comes on The Colbert Report and says something that will get him unwanted notice, he’s on notice, Colbert said. Then, he slid his name on the board between Limey Squirrel Eaters and Forgiveness. “There you are, and you’re not comin’ off notice ’til you come on my show and recklessly misspeak,” Colbert said. “And I want it to be something good, Barack Obama is the forgotten Pointer Sister, or Michelle Obama is a toothless carnie who sells meth behind the zipper. And you know what, sir, if it makes you a little more comfortable, feel free to throw in a Kenya here, a Kenya there. Here a Kenya, there a Kenya, every where a Mau Mau.”

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Mike Huckabee blasts Natalie Portman for pregnancy out of wedlock, National Organization for Women tells EW he’s ‘offensively disrespectful’

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