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Image Credit: Byron Cohen/NBC; Michael Yarish/Fox; Andrew Eccles/The CW; Quantrell D.Colbert/The CWLong time no spoil, Roomies! Actually, it hasn’t been a long time. We last spoke on Friday, and I don’t like clingy people, so this is just enough of you. Kidding. I honestly can’t get enough of your questions/musings/rambling letters. The more the better — because reading them actually counts as work! So keep it up. You know how: or @EWSandraG on what the kids are calling Twitter. See you fellow spoiler freaks next on Friday.


John Stamos is a busy guy these days, and I (along with my army of fellow humans who have had a long-standing crush on him) wouldn’t have it any other way. So in my quest to find any and every reason to talk to John Stamos, I got him on the phone yesterday to get some info about all the ways he’s going to be on our TV in the coming weeks.

The excitement starts tonight when, as EW’s Tim Stack revealed earlier, Dr. Carl (Stamos) and Emma (Jayma Mays) seek the help of Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) for their nonexistent sex life. “I knew that Emma was a virgin, and then we got married in an episode, so I was like, ‘How are they going to deal with this?’ So you find out that Carl and Emma are actually having sex problems. And the problem is they’re having no sex,” he tells EW exclusively, adding a juicy tidbit: “I think you find out that she might still have some feelings for Will.”

Can we get a hip-hip…wait. Does this mean no more Carl? A.K. Freaking. A. No more Stamos?

“I think I’m going to come back to wrap up that storyline, but you never know,” he says. “I think people like me on there, but they really love Will and Emma together. So I don’t know how much longer people can stand Will and Emma not being together. You never know what they’re going to do. It’s funny, people respond, most of it is really positive, but some are like, ‘We love you, but get off of Glee because we want Emma to be with Will, not you!” He can stay on as long as he likes, as far as I’m concerned, as long as we get more songs like “Afternoon Delight,” which he also reveals, holds a bit of a mixed meaning for his TV wife. “Emma thinks it’s about dessert [laughs] and it’s about a nooner. I never thought I’d be singing that song and in that outfit.”

On the completely opposite spectrum of TV, Stamos is currently in New York filming a “dark” guest spot on SVU (scheduled to air in April or May) in which he plays a reproductive abuser with 47 children who “loves babies and loves procreating.”

“It’s hard for them to pin him, but it’s abusive in that he’s poking holes in condoms and not letting women know that they’re in danger of getting pregnant. It’s a really fascinating, interesting, complex character that I don’t normally get to do. Usually for TV or TV movies, when they say, ‘Hey, this is a really good character,’ you’re going to get to play a drug addict or some sort of murderer. But this is a different, dark character,” he said. “Guys like me don’t normally get the juiciest roles because I think people think of me in a little lighter fashion.”

Something tells me that won’t be the case after this role.


Image Credit: Quantrell D.Colbert/The CWWhen The Vampire Diaries returns from its too-long break from our TV lineup, to say there are a few loose ends would be an understatement akin to saying there are “a few mildly attractive people” on the show. Luckily, according to Kat Graham’s reveals to EW, the whole gang will be on-hand to do heavy lifting against Klaus and all the forces of evil on their radar.

“It’s really great to see all the stories intertwining,” she says. “Right now, it’s sort of very similar to the Scooby-Doo gang: Everyone is working together to protect Elena [Nina Dobrev] and protect each other.”

That will include, she says, working with her new love Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) for the “greater good, and really getting together to be together.” “You’ll be able to see a lot of heartbreak between them both. Those characters are both character really go through it before the end of the season.”

How exactly? She wouldn’t say. But as the cast prepares to film the final four episodes of the season, we can look forward to seeing an increasingly fearless Bonnie “put a lot on the line” to protect Elena.

“I can’t say too much, but I will say that if it ever comes today to having to do something for Elena, Bonnie will go balls out for her. She doesn’t care,” she tells us. “Klaus [Joseph Morgan] coming into the show is going to create chaos. People are going to have to figure out what these characters have to do to save their lives.” That is, if it’s even possible…


Picking your favorite Parks and Recreation moment is like picking your favorite segment of Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness. If you have one, you’re probably not paying close enough attention to the others. But I can say that Ron (Nick Offerman) and Andy’s (Chris Pratt) bonding moment from a few weeks back definitely ranks up there. And now, there’s good news. There’s more bonding on the way!

“I think that friendship is gonna really blossom,” Pratt says. “The bromance between Andy and Ron is sort of mirrored and paralleled between Andy and Tom [Aziz Ansari] and between Andy and Chris Traeger, which is Rob Lowe’s character. So there’s a lot of bromance going around this season.”

And when Andy’s not busy bromancing, romancing (with April, who Pratt denies his character will be marrying but says they do “take it to the next level”), and rocking (Mouserat will return soon!), he’s…trashing bath store chains.

“We destroy a Bed, Bath & Beyond,” he says. “See, the thing is, we shoot so much, we shoot like 50 page scripts for 21 and a half minutes, so half the stuff we shoot doesn’t make the cut. There was an episode where we get to go destroy and Bed, Bath & Beyond and smash a bunch of things and throw boxes around and knock s— down, and I don’t know if that will ever make it but it was really fun to do.”

Dear world, if you have any justice, this will his the airwaves. Mmk?


This Truebie needs some bloody good scoop! — Lisa

You mean there’s something EW’s Carrie Bell DIDN’T cover in her PaleyFest wrap up?! Lucky for you, our on-the-scene scooper hit the carpet, too, and got Stephen Moyer to expand a little on those flashback scenes between Bill and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). “We get to go back and create in historic detail a little element that illustrates who we are and why we might be in certain situations in present day. That’s really fun. I feel sorry for the others that they don’t get to do that.” Ryan Kwanten doesn’t need his pity, though. Instead of working with sexy beasts, he’s gotten to work with real ones! “I just shot a scene with live panthers. It is certainly not something most people encounter in their day-to-day life. It was a little scary because those are dangerous creatures.” Aren’t they all, Ryan? Aren’t they all?

So happy EW was out at PaleyFest! Anything more you can give on True Blood? Maybe with Jessica and Hoyt? They’re one of my favorite TV couples!! — Sammie

If you’re a Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) fan, prepare yourself for episodes 7 and 8 of the new season, which creator Alan Ball says are “very important” for the couple. “It is perhaps not as easy as they thought to be happy couple,” he said. In a separate convo with EW, Woll shed some light on exactly what that conflict might be. “Conflicting schedules could be a problem. I also think vampires wouldn’t make good housewives, and Hoyt was a mama’s boy who is used to be very mothered. Like food. Vampires don’t eat so I probably wouldn’t remember to have dinner ready when he gets home. I’m also not cleaning toilets because I don’t use them. And I’m gonna suck him dry every night. I’m a dream to live with,” she jokes.

This is going to sound weird, but what’s the next step in Eric’s hair-volution on True Blood? My favorite was the shoulder-length hair because it was closer to how it was described in the books. What’s it going to look like this season? — Carla

You would be shocked — or not — how often I get this question. (Unless, Carla, you have created a large amount of online personalities all of which are dedicated to asking me this question.) Regardless, Bell was nice enough to pitch this odd question to Ball, who — God bless him — answered it like a pro. “[It’s] similar to last season. It is a little less blond, maybe a little shorter. I think it’s hilarious that you guys get fan questions about hair, but it doesn’t surprise me. The fans take this stuff and Alex very seriously. I think Alex prefers the shorter hair, and the scene where his hair gets messed up and it forces him to cut it is still a favorite of mine. He’s pretty dreamy. It is never hard for me to go to work. This is a gorgeous cast.”

Image Credit: Greg Gayne/NBCChuck scoop pretty, pretty please with chocolate sauce on top (just not the way Morgan and Alex used it…ewww). — Ann

Since you brought up couples, what about some news on one of our favorite TV couples: Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski)? When Gary Cole reprises his role as Sarah’s papa, expect not only to learn more about Sarah’s backstory, but also to witness the pair seeing new sides of each other. “I think when you decide to take the leap, and you’re engaged to be married, you’re going to learn more about the person you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with, but you often learn what they’re like in the most grueling of life situations,” co-creator Chris Fedak says. “And that isn’t disarming a bomb of prepping for a mission — it’s preparing yourself for a wedding.”

Any idea what’s going to happen on the Nikita finale? Maybe a little Mikita action? I know you love them. — Lizzy

Guilty as charged. As for the finale, Maggie Q teases the following: “Let’s just put it this way, by the end of season 1 it’s going to be a different show. When I think about where we started, and I think about how we’re going to end this season, it makes me laugh. It’s a different show. We’re going to go, fingers crossed, season 2, and people’s heads are going to roll.” Um, like, literally? “Well, I guess it depends on how much you love people — how devastating it’s going to be.” Gulp.

I love the romance between sweet, innocent April and Stark (Peter MacNicol). Is he sticking around? — Ingmar

At last word, Stark was still around. Just don’t go looking for him in the show’s big musical episode — he’s not in it. So sorry if you were hoping for an awkward musical duo between him and April. I was, too.

Do you have even the smallest, tiniest little tease about Hawaii 5-0? I’ll take anything!! I love that show! — Carla

Hawaii + jealous swimsuit models = murder

Okay, I’m not trying to be greedy, but I have more than one question regarding Bones. However, I just had both of my feet operated on, and I have a major birthday coming up next week and a big Bones scoop would be a wonderful birthday/post-surgery present. Are there any plans for annoying squintern Daisy (Carla Gallo) to return? I know she is one of the leads for a new pilot on the CW. Personally, I hope she doesn’t come back, Sweets deserves much better. Question number two is, please say that Hogdela’s baby won’t die. I know Stephen Nathan said that in the Blackout in the Blizzard that the expecting couple will receive bad news about the baby. Thanks for listening! — Shayna M.

Maybe this will help heal your bones (pause for polite laughter)… first, Daisy will be back before the end of the season, as executive producer Stephan Nathan told me last week. Beyond that, there’s really no telling. As for the baby, I know it will be a blow to the couple. My gut tells me, however, that it will ultimately bring them closer together and make for some truly unforgettable Hogela moments. And I’m sorry if none of that helped ease your pain. Try Advil.

Is Max going to be coming back for the end of the season on Bones? The best episode this season was the one without Hanna, and with Max and Caroline. Caroline is great! Everyone should be have a Caroline in their lives! Please it’s my birthday! — Deirdre

Good news, birthday girl. Caroline (Patricia Belcher) will definitely be back “a few more times this year,” according to Nathan. As for Max (Ryan O’Neal), he said they’re “hoping” for a return, but it is still in the works. If I had to guess, they’re doing the schedule tango.

Would love some Bones scoop! — Megan

Casting is on to find a talented youngster of about 15 who can pull off playing a deaf person who is unable to communicate that Brennan (Emily Deschanel) has to identify. In a chat, Nathan said it’s quite a tall order for a young female guest star. “They find her and Brennan is called upon to ID a live person because they have no idea who this girl is, where she came from. And this episode, which is also a task for a forensic anthropologist, Brennan has to determine whether or not this is a minor or someone who’s of age and ultimately place where she came from and who she is, all from an uncooperative and uncommunicative live person. That’s going to be a very good episode; that’s episode 21.” Calling EW’s casting team! Suggestions? Who’s got the acting chops for this one?

Anything on tonight’s Southland‘s season finale? Please tell me Sammy gets revenge on that [bleep] who killed Nate. — Jon

First off, woah. Spoiler Room is PG-13 (unlike some of the shows it covers…ha!). Speaking of which, Sammy (Shawn Hatosy) will, indeed, find closure in Nate’s death in tonight’s season finale. The question is…how?

I was hoping that you could help us spread the word about the Save No Ordinary Family Campaign. We will be sending in vanilla bean or nut medely snack bars to ABC. Here is the link with all the details. — Addison

You can send me some, too. I can’t do anything to help the show, but I tend to find myself snack-less at the EW offices late at night without vending-machine change for $5 bills.

Do you have any scoop on The Walking Dead? – James R

PaleyFest was, indeed, plentiful in scoopage! For one, creator Robert Kirkman said we can expect for the love triangle between Shane, Rick, and Lori to be more than just a ploy, but “the emotional core of the second season.” “It is definitely something we will be dealing with in a big way, and I also warn people to expect a lot of unexpected twists and turns along the way,” he tells EW.

Minor Walking Dead question that I hope you can answer: Will Norman Reedus be back in season 2? — Jorge

No question is minor. And yes; he’ll be back. As for Merle, Kirkman wouldn’t say for certain, but warns, “All we know for sure is that he cut his hand off and he’s in the wind. If he is alive, imagine how pissed he’s gonna be.” Okay, now I really, really want him to come back.

Love that spoilers are twice a week! Two spoiler requests: Cougar Town and Parenthood! Cougar Town was finally on a roll and they took it off to try out that new Matthew Perry show…boo. Please tell me when it’s coming back and give some scoop about what’s to come! Parenthood…great show that needs to find fans before NBC cancels it without giving it a chance! Any good scoop on my favorite TV family, the Bravermans? – J

I’m working on something special for you related to Cougar Town, which returns April 18 for a special episode before returning to its Wednesday slot, but can’t tease it just yet. Stay tuned on that end. Meanwhile, toward season’s end, look for Max to show some major progress on the Aspergers front. So much progress, that you might find yourself feeling a little bad that you were doubting him…assuming you were doubting him…which you likely were…because a lot of us were. It happens. Also: Remember how I recently teased that Haddie (Sarah Ramos) and Alex (Michael B. Jordan) talk about hotel rooms but make a responsible decision? Well, I wouldn’t expect for the responsible decision-making to last too terribly long. Just saying.

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