A new trailer for Fast Five has arrived, and it’s good. Like, don’t be surprised if it matches Fast & Furious‘ $71 million opening weekend good. It hits the Ocean’s Eleven vibe harder than the first trailer did, as Vin Diesel and his crew reunite for one last job — breaking into a police station for a $100 million payday. You get a lot of the same action, skin shots, and dialogue we’ve seen before (“This just went from Mission: Impossible to Mission: Infreakin’ Sane”), but more of Dwayne Johnson, who heads the teams trying to bring Diesel and Paul Walker in. From the snippet we see of Diesel and Johnson trading punches (pictured), let’s just go ahead and give them their MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Fight now. We assume Diesel wins, but with Johnson sporting his biggest guns ever, nothing is for certain. Ending the fast and furious loud trailer with the slo-mo silence of Diesel and Walker jumping out of a convertible as it plummets toward water is a nice touch. Watch it below.

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