Covering songs is fun! And singers love to do it! Just see the recent spate of covers, with pop stars taking on the songs of other pop stars.

On Sunday night at a concert in in Houston, Disney princess Selena Gomez made her love for rising poptress Jessie J apparent with a stirring performance of “Price Tag,” while yesterday, Katy Perry did the same thing with current Lady Gaga anthem “Born This Way.” (Note the screams as she uttered the opening line, “My mama told me when I was young / that we were already superstars.” This crowd loves Gaga!)

The criticism I’ve heard of both covers doesn’t have anything to do with how Selena or Katy performed the songs, but rather that they performed them at all. Is it a bit early for one pop star to be covering other pop stars’ songs that are currently on the charts?

I don’t know what the protocol is, but I get why that would seem a little egregious: Basically, these covers could be seen as plays for attention. Like, are your own songs—or even older songs by other artists—not enough to generate the buzz you desire? Regardless of that line of thinking, I still rather enjoyed both covers, especially Katy’s acoustic take on “Born This Way.” Watch them both here:

Selena Gomez takes on Jessie J’s “Price Tag”:

Katy Perry takes on Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”:

Do you like one better than the other? Have you seen either live in concert? Is it too early to be covering these songs?

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