At this point, there’s nothing particularly newsworthy about Charlie Sheen‘s rants. But his new video is so dramatic and striking in its pathos, it’s hard not to comment on how utterly sad and unprecedented it is.

The most recent brief and disturbing “Sheen’s Korner” video shows the actor, who was fired on Monday from his hit series Two and a Half Men, looking disheveled, thin, and agitated, smoking and jerking the conversation from one topic to another. Sheen spends the video talking to his associate “Bob” (who apparently doesn’t know he’s being streamed on the Web) on a speakerphone. The associate is by turns flattering Sheen and awkwardly trying to play along, and the transparency of that relationship is disheartening too.

“What’s not to love, it’s my life — winning!” Sheen says, occasionally dipping off screen to drink from a bottle whose label he covers. “Keep in mind anytime I roll something out my plan is the best plan in the room. And people are starting to realize that. That their plan is s–t and my plan is gold. Walk into my plan and they’re going to win, win, win … winner-winner Sheen dinner!” etc., etc.

Never in the history of Hollywood has a celebrity downfall been so meticulously publicly documented — initially to our stunned amusement, then to our growing horror. It feels as if a street corner addict were given millions of dollars, millions of fans, and a webcam. The fan reactions below the video tell you all you need to know: “AWWW SOMEBODY THAT’S CLOSE TO HIM PLEASE GET to his HOME and HELP Him!” wrote one.

There’s been plenty of debate on the message boards about how much Charlie Sheen coverage is too much, and there’s debate behind the scenes, too. This story has been, and remains, extraordinary — in its business implications for a broadcast network’s top-rated show, and in the celebrity drama of a major star burning out in a spectacular fashion. But with Monday’s episode of “Sheen’s Korner,” which streamed on a night when fans are used to watching Sheen make them laugh on CBS, he’s turned his implosion into an online creepshow, and the most humane instinct was to turn him off.

For more on Sheen, check out EW’s Charlie Sheen Central.

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