By James Hibberd
March 08, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST
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Charlie Sheen taunted CBS and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre during his promised “final” Webcast on Tuesday night.

Compared to last night’s disjointed episode of “Sheen’s Korner,” in which the fired broadcast star looked alarmingly frazzled, Sheen was more focused and composed this evening. He seemed to stick to a prepared script stuffed with his wildly metaphoric wordplay as he bashed his perceived enemies.

“What occurred yesterday was completely and entirely illegal,” said the self proclaimed “Malibu Messiah,” then later added: “How’s last night’s 2.8 in the demo feel?” referring to the rating received by CBS for Monday’s repeat of Two and a Half Men.

Fans may finally be getting weary of Sheen’s rants. The counter on the Sheen’s Korner video stream averaged less than 60,000 viewers. Sheen’s first scheduled Webcast on Saturday night peaked at a reported 100,000 (last night’s Men repeat, by the way, drew 10.2 million).

Sheen bashed CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves (“you gave me your word, so you gave me nothing”) and Lorre (“you picked a fight with a warlock” was probably the least offensive example), while seeming to give a pass to Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth (“your heart was always rooted in fairness… show your courage, come dance in my gold”).

But it was Sheen’s appearance and demeanor that was likely a focal point for many. After the actor drew alarmed headlines for yesterday’s solo Webcast, it was a relief to see Sheen looking at least sorta-kinda normal — even if his intense spite and near-nonsensical rhetoric remained. Sheen always claimed he could pull himself together and stick to the script when working on Two and a Half Men. Tonight, the star’s audience reduced to a tiny fraction of what he drew on his hit show, Sheen demonstrated he could once again deliver his lines — if only viewers were still laughing with him.

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen says Rob Lowe should replace him on Two and a Half Men

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