By Chad Schlegel
Updated March 07, 2011 at 06:20 PM EST

As any reader of this site knows, being fluent in pop culture has its own rewards. But those Type A sorts among you will be excited to hear that Entertainment Weekly has partnered with GetGlue to actually reward you for checking out the recommendations in our weekly Must List.

Never heard of GetGlue? It’s like Foursquare, but instead of earning badges for checking into physical locations like restaurants and bars (and — admit it — your cubicle at work), you earn stickers for checking into movies, TV shows, books, games, magazines, and apps. After you’ve earned a handful of virtual stickers, GetGlue mails you the real thing. You can earn your first sticker for checking into Entertainment Weekly magazine, then work your way through our Must List picks, earning three more stickers (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) the more you check in over subsequent weeks.

Ready to get started? Download the appropriate GetGlue app then download our free Must List app for iPhone or iPad. (Don’t have a smart phone/tablet? That’s okay, you can still play along. You can check out the Must List online and check into our picks on GetGlue’s website.)