Admittedly, this poster would be way cooler with a naked vampire on it, but I understand the concept of decency standards. So keeping those old things in mind, this poster promoting the True Blood‘s panel at PaleyFest is pretty awesome. Truth be told, it took me several glances to notice the vampire profile in the blood. Then, suddenly, it blew my mind and made me wonder if that’s supposed to be Eric or Bill. (See a larger version here.)

This is where I segue into telling you that EW will be out there at PaleyFest covering all the fun, starting tonight with The Walking Dead panel. Like how smooth that transition was? It really speaks to how smooth I am in real life (=not at all).

But while we’re on the subject, I should mentioned that I’ll be leaving my NYC cave, where I attempt daily to obtain my vitamin D from the glow of a television, and head to L.A. for a few panels myself, namely the Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared reunion through Glee. So send questions via Twitter (@EWSandraG) or in comments. Panels kick off tonight with The Walking Dead. Full schedule here:

Friday, March 4 — The Walking Dead

Saturday, March 5 — True Blood

Monday, March 7 — White Collar

Tuesday, March 8 — Hot in Cleveland

Wednesday, March 9 — Parks and Recreation

Thursday, March 10 — Eastbound & Down

Friday, March 11 — An Evening with Jimmy Fallon

Saturday, March 12 — PaleyFest Reunion: Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared

Sunday, March 13 — Supernatural

Monday, March 14 — American Idol: Celebrating Ten Seasons

Tuesday, March 15 — Community

Wednesday, March 16 — Glee

Thursday, March 17 — Raising Hope

So that’s the lineup. Heading to any of them, PopWatchers? And if not, do you have any questions?

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