Readers on how to make the new "Superman" soar, plus more letters from the week of March 4, 2011

By EW Staff
Updated March 04, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST

News that Henry Cavill would be donning the Man of Steel’s cape and tights for the Superman relaunch prompted readers to offer up their own ideas for the film

”For any Superman movie to work, you need Ultimate Fighting-style battle scenes, with superpowers. Then no one will think he’s a wimp anymore.”
— Aldo Perdomo, Los Angeles

”Forget villains like General Zod, featured in Superman II. There should be something fresh, like Darkseid and the baddies of Apokolips.”
— Shawn Warford, Lancaster, Calif.

”Use John Williams’ original theme music. If the Powers That Be toss the theme or (shudder) create a new one, that could ruin the film before the opening credits are even over.”
— Jamie Booth, East Lynne, Mo.

Unsung Heroes

I was shocked that ”Grading the Grammys” (Music) didn’t include John Mayer, Norah Jones, and Keith Urban‘s 90-second rendition of Dolly Parton’s ”Jolene.” Great guitars, great vocals, and no need for special effects or costumes to get our attention.
Ruth Groves
Phoenixville, Pa.

No mention of Mick Jagger‘s incendiary tribute to the King of Rock & Soul, Mr. Solomon Burke? Am I crazy or did he run rings around the young whippersnappers? After all the ho-hum and pretentious performances, Jagger took the stage and set it on fire. Good going, Sir Mick!
Ron Flores
East Chicago, Ind.

Save the Amazon

As excited as I am about NBC’s Wonder Woman (Insider), it makes me cringe to hear the words crime-fighting vigilante and corporate executive (are they turning her into a female Batman?). Wonder Woman is such a unique character with fantastic origins. I don’t want to see her dismantled like the Bionic Woman was in the recent reboot.
Joseph Blomberg
Fort Lauderdale

Oscar Wildness

In ”How the Academy Votes,” the executive stated that The Social Network should win Best Picture so the Academy Awards can ”matter to people who are 22, not just people who are 62.” I am a teenager who enjoyed The King’s Speech far more than The Social Network. It upsets me that young people are being underestimated when it comes to films, as if only ”cool” movies about people their age are capable of affecting them.
Maria Bridgeman
Scottsdale, Ariz.

I noticed some references to the sexy ads for Melissa Leo that ran in the Hollywood trades. I believe this fine actress might be trying to illustrate to Oscar voters how much she transformed for The Fighter. But my question is: Why do artists have to campaign for awards at all? Shouldn’t the work speak for itself?
Dave Ryan
Tucson, Ariz.

Fringe Benefits

Thank you for your latest attempt to help save Fringe (Must List). My gift of choice last Christmas was the season 1 DVD. Anyone who ever liked Lost or The X-Files will love this show: It actually answers some of the questions it asks.
Jeremy Shearer
Medina, Ohio