By Mandi Bierly
Updated March 04, 2011 at 07:10 PM EST

I recently purchased En Vogue’s “Hold On” off iTunes for $0.69. It played on my iPod for the first time this morning during my commute, and I had to shut it off immediately. I had a flashback to a high school dance marathon, and more specifically, to three friends and I “performing” that song in a lip-synch contest. We had our own choreography, but the only move I actually remember — one hand to forehead, one hand on waist, and step with hip roll — we did steal from the video, embedded below. Naturally, I need to hear your horror stories so I know I’m not alone. What song can’t you bear to listen to because it reminds you of high school mortification?

“Hold On” is the only painful aural flashback I’ve experienced to date, probably because of what I like to call my Mercy Memory™. Some things just need to be forgotten. I’m sure if I could remember what song was playing when I slow-danced with a boy named Dan at a junior high homecoming dance to which I wore a turquoise sweater and peach pants, it would be banned. (For the fashion choice alone, but also because I asked him to dance, and he told me he’d find me “at some point,” and then waited until the last half of the last song, and only did it then, I’m sure, because our sisters were best friends.) Ditto the song that was playing when I asked this boy Jesse to dance in the seventh grade, and he said no, and as I walked back to my friends on the bleachers, the bow on the only pink/lace dress I’ve ever worn in my life dramatically fell to the basketball court as if on cue.

I realize those two anecdotes paint an accurate portrait of my teen years make me look like a bit of a loser, but you know, recalling them also made me realize that while I had zero luck, I had a lot of balls back then. Maybe that’s the way to look back on high school: Remember you had the confidence to do things, not that failing at them is what made you lose that confidence. Mercy Memory².

Your turn. Name. That. Tune.