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McHale is the king of snark, which made him the perfect choice for prickly, self-obsessed Jeff Winger. But here's the surprise: As Jeff continued to…

Image Credit: Greg Gayne/Fox; Trae Patton/NBC; Sonja Flemming/CBS; Adam Rose/FoxThere’s big news all around, Roomies, and it’s all packaged for you in a tiny box of love I call Spoiler Room.

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Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak stopped short of mentioning the name Agatha Christie when talking to me about episode 19, “Chuck versus the Muuuder,” airing March 21. But even if he had followed through, I’d be saying this: This episode is going to be awesome.

“We’ve always wanted to do a murder mystery, so we’re working on an episode right now where something terrible happens to someone down in Castle and Chuck and Co. are given the Sherlockian job of figuring out who the murder is,” Fedak tells EW exclusively. “So we’re working on our own spy version of a chamber piece.”

While all this is going on in Castle, Fedak said that upstairs, Buy More would be experiencing a “big crazy” story of their own. “We’re having a lot of fun with that one right now.”

Can you contain yourself? I couldn’t. In fact, I begged for more details, like would it be in black and white like all the classic murder mysteries of TV history?

“It’s in color right now, but if you see it in black and white, you should take no credit for that,” he said…hopefully writing me a check as we speak.


Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBSLeonard’s in a relationship with his sister Priya. Wolowitz has Bernadette. And, as Kunal Nayyar (Raj) puts it, “even bloody Sheldon has Amy.” The sad news? There’s no change in the cards (“unless he dates a hearing impaired lady,” Nayyar jokes). The good news is that The Big Bang Theory‘s loveable, frequently mute scientist will have plenty of non-romantic pursuits to keep him otherwise occupied as we coast into the latter part of this season.

“There’s a story coming up about how the four guys go on a quest because someone steals something from Sheldon,” Nayyar reveals. “I won’t give it away, but we have to go and get it back. And that’s a lot of fun. I always love stories when the four of us guys get together and end up doing some sort of epic challenge that we fail at.”

One thing Raj is good at? Giving Sheldon more reasons to be, well, Sheldon.

“There’s an episode coming up where basically Wolowitz and Raj are messing around with Sheldon the whole episode, driving him crazy. We’re showing him a card magic trick,” he says. “That’s just fun because it’s fun to see Sheldon freak out and spazz out.” Can’t disagree…


When I got reader mail asking for teasers about the squinterns, I imagine a little cartoon lightbulb appeared above my head as I said, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The interns are no doubt one of the most under-appreciated parts of Bones, and yet, so increasingly integral to the dynamic of the lab. (And when they do adorable dances in their underwear — Clark — even better.) So Stephen Nathan was kind enough to hop on the phone and tell me a little bit about what’s coming up with our rotating roster of mini squints — including what could be a building tension between Wendell and Hodgela.

“They’ve all been evolving throughout their lives on the show,” he said. “Clark, who was somebody who didn’t want anything to do with anyone else’s personal life, has become probably the most outspoken and wears his feelings on his sleeve more than any of the interns, and we certainly want to mine that even more when he returns to get him to be more of a real presence on the show and a part of the family within the lab. That really holds true with all of the interns.”

The problem, he says, comes when their talented group of actors starts finding pilot projects, especially around this time. Right now, Ryan Cartwright (Vincent) and Carla Gallo (Daisy) are both in consideration for major projects. “I don’t think we will [choose one intern] because the whole concept behind the revolving interns was that it was a very good way for us to introduce new characters that can become a part of the Bones canvas,” he says.

Wendell, especially, will soon become part of the fold in a big way as we walk up to the birth of Angela and Hodgins’ baby. “Wendell, who is a very integral part of the show, has now become very good friends with Hodgins,” Nathan says. “That relationship will continue and could even deepen with the arrival of the baby because he had a relationship with Angela. So there is a certain closeness, which is welcomed by Hodgins and Angela, and also could create a little tension between Hodgins and Angela.”

Arastoo (Pej Vahdat), who the audience hasn’t seen for a while, will also return for an episode toward the end of the season, but he’ll be late. Literally. “We’re actually going to have him be late for work because he found that he was on the no-fly list,” Nathan teases. “They all just work out so well that every time we try to sit down and make a decision about who we would keep, we can’t do it because we don’t want to lose anybody.”


Any idea if Jonathan Groff is still going to be on this season and if so WHEN??? — Shannon

Image Credit: Adam Rose/FoxNo word on Groff, although, tell me where to sign in support of his return. Buuuuuuuuuuut, I can confirm the return of another familiar face (and you probably know who I’m talking about because of the photo). Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t the only one returning to Glee next week. It will also mark the return of….CHARICE (a.k.a.: Sunshine Corazon!).

Hi Sandra, Can you give us some White Collar scoop please? — @love_mcdreamy via Twitter

I don’t want to ruin the March 8 finale for you, because it’s so huge. So what about a teaser on season 3? Don’t worry, this one’s huge, too: Kate could be coming back from the dead! Jeff Eastin explains: “I’ve been talking to Anne Rice about co-writing an episode with her next year. And so she and I have been discussing the possibility of one final Kate episode — sort of bringing her back Anne Rice style.” Now, if that doesn’t make you excited for season 3, I don’t know what will.

Hey, you cheated on the Community scoop last week. Unacceptable! — Michael

Fine. You caught me. Please accept this peace offering: You may (or may not) know that the March 24 episode will be an outrageously funny Pulp Fiction-themed episode that centers on the gang celebrating Abed’s birthday with party where they all are dressed as character. What you don’t know is that their plan for hosting the party goes awry when Jeff (as Vincent Vega, although not in costume as per typical Jeff) and Abed pursue a plan of their own, leaving the rest of the gang stranded in costume. Bonus scoop: Alison Brie and Donald Glover as Honey Bunny and Pumpkin. Can you handle it? (Probably not, but you should still pick up this week’s issue of EW for an exclusive First Look at the episode!)

Hi Sandra! I enjoy Spoiler Room very much, and I was wondering if you know something about the new season of Leverage? Is there going to be one? Are there any guesses on when? Is there something interesting that we can look forward to? — Jane

Image Credit: Erik HeinilaUm, is Eliot Spencer a badass? Of course they’ll be back!! (There is no specific date for the show’s return, but they’ll be back in June.) I can confirm that casting for the first few episodes back is in swing, and that the first episode will focus on a young widow (Haley Talbot) who enlists the team’s help in investigating a shady, adventure-seeking businessman named John Drexel, who will be played by someone reality nerds will remember, Cameron Daddo (who used to host Mark Burnett’s Pirate Master on CBS). I only watched one episode of it; I swear!

Will The Glades be coming back to A&E? — @JoeMenez24 via Twitter

It will! In fact, a little birdie tells me production is starting up very soon. The only bad news is that I hear you’ll have to wait until summer to hang out with Longworth and Co. again. Worth the wait, I say.

My dear, dear friends at Spoiler Room, I am deeply saddened and nervous about the series (::crying sobs::) finale of the show Greek. Can you shed some insight as to what will happen? — TV Addict

I’m so excited for you to see this finale on March 7. But I don’t want to ruin it for you. It’s the LAST ONE, my dear Addict. Instead, I’ll give you this quote from creator Patrick Sean Smith regarding the big finale (Note: It could be kinda out of context…but I’m cruel that way.): “I always knew I didn’t want to end the series with them getting together because we’ve seen that too many times.” Reminder: The rest of our chat will be published here on here in ITV Monday after the finale airs!

Can I get some scoop on Southland? Any word on the ratings for this season or whether TNT is renewing it for another season? This is one of the best shows on TV, but I rarely hear anything about it! — Christy

I’ll take this one in parts. First, ratings. When I talked to Michael Cudlitz yesterday, let’s just say he was…confident. “I think the show’s getting picked up. I think it’s a matter of for how many,” he said. As for the big finale, Ben McKenzie is certainly hoping his co-star’s prediction proves true, because he’s excited to see what the future holds for his no longer rookie character. “This finale episode of this season really completes the journey for my character both literally and figuratively of being a rookie. He’s grown up — become a cop and an officer in his own right and more confident. The gloves are off for Ben Sherman and the world is wide open, and he can go in any number of directions.” Dear TV Gods, I want to know which direction he chooses. Make it happen.

Grey’s Anatomy musical dish, please! — Diana

Well, if you haven’t seen the musical promo video ABC put out, head over there pronto. What I can tell you, via co-star Sarah Drew, is that the episode centers on four characters, and features an extremely elaborate surgical scene that included all 14 cast members and took several grueling days to film. “Totally worth it,” Drew says.

You said last week that there was going to be a sad turn for Mikita on Nikita. Explain! — Jenny

Hey, those weren’t my words! They were Maggie Q’s. So I’ll let her take this one. “I think the saddest things in life are the things you wish would change and sometimes can’t. I think we all know what that feels like. It’s so heartbreaking,” she said, adding with a tongue-in-cheek tone, “And women, especially, know what that feels like because we’re such suckers, and we have all this romantic s*** in our head. And it doesn’t always work out that way!” Bonus scoop: Maggie Q. teased an upcoming episode that gives us a chance to “see through Nikita’s eyes and some of the things she wished she had in her life.” Which hopefully includes a little Mikita baby.

Thanks for your chat with Jason George about Off the Map. Was wondering if we’re going to see more of his addiction before the end of the season. — Liz

Indeed, you will. “If you know any recovering addicts it’s a constant part of their life. It’s something you don’t necessarily think about every second of every day, but it is part of you every second of every day,” George said. “It’s like being a parent. You don’t stop being a parent just because your parents aren’t in the room. You don’t stop being an addict because there aren’t drugs in front of you.” Now, memo to OTM cast members: Please stop joining other shows in preparation of the worst-case scenario. It’s bumming us out.

Image Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CWIs their any hope for Dan/Blair fans that they may turn romantic, or are we heading back to Blair/Chuck, and where does the prince factor in? — Kat CO

May I point you to Chuck’s last words in Monday’s episode? “I need to find Blair.”

Last season Hilary Duff guest starred in Gossip Girl and her character mentioned she’d be back next fall…will we ever hear anything about her again? — Ingmar, Holland (Netherlands)

There are no plans to bring back Hilary’s character at this time, a spokesperson for the show says. No word on whether or not that means anything for the future of threesomes on the show, however.

(Additional reporting by Tim Stack and Keith Staskiewicz)

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