By James Hibberd
March 04, 2011 at 06:08 PM EST

UPDATED: Spike TV is teaming with Taiwanese viral sensation NMA to produce Charlie Sheen’s Winningest Moments — a half-hour animated special chronicling the most outlandish moments in modern Sheen history.

The special will count down about a dozen of Sheen’s most scandalous headlines and will be hosted by two female characters dubbed “The Goddesses.” (A clip from the special is below)

Winningest Moments represents the first full-length U.S. TV program from NMA, whose company’s videos recapping the latest Hollywood scandals have become an online must-see over the past year. The outfit has previously produced news segments for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Sources say Spike has signed NMA to a five-year programming deal to create content for the network.

The Sheen special includes:

Scenes where Sheen wrecks a hotel room and loses a $150,000 watch; Sheen rents a mansion and fills it with porn stars who live as one big happy family; Sheen doing the drug “Charlie Sheen;” Sheen auditions his Two and a Half Men replacement.

The special airs next week — Wednesday, March 9 at 10:30 p.m. — and we’re definitely looking forward to it. Here’s a clip from it:

And here’s a couple previous NMA clips in its signature retro-Final Fantasy cutscene style about Sheen’s adventures:

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