By Brad Wete
Updated March 04, 2011 at 09:23 PM EST

I’m not sure what Bruno Mars is so down and out about in the clip for his latest single,”Liquor Store Blues.” (Maybe it’s because his girl cheated on him in the “Grenade” video?)

In any case, the pop crooner is ready to drown his sorrows in a tall glass of alcohol in his new “Blues” clip. Alongside reggae man Damien Marley, Mars aims to “get messed up today” in hopes that he’ll “be okay tomorrow.” Oddly enough, the video plays more like a hazy marijuana ad than one for getting tipsy, with Marley rapping about being “high as Superman” and shouting out pineapple kush as they spend the entire four minutes in a smoked out-psychedelic room.

Find out what concoction Mars and Marley are whipping up after the jump.

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