Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABCAs Brad prepares to make his final decision on March 14, The Bachelor host and EW blogger, Chris Harrison answers all of your many burning questions about the season thus far.

How much time passed between Anguilla and the home dates? — Maggie P.

CHRIS HARRISON: There’s really no time. I mean. we left the day after the rose ceremony. We pack up and leave, and we are off on the first hometown date. The other girls, the girls that don’t have a hometown date, we might spread it out. But obviously Brad and Chantal went right away. But we keep them separated. I don’t even travel with Brad. I traveled with the girls several times around Anguilla. But they know not to talk to me. I don’t hang out with them, and when they walk on the plane, I don’t make eye contact.

How is the order of the home dates chosen? Cause it seemed like you guys just zig-zagged across the country? — Stephan L.

I know. That whole Seattle to Maine, we laugh at that often, just what a mess it is — our poor crew. Obviously I think that because of the gravity and severity of meeting Emily’s daughter — that was always going to be the anchor. That was always going to be last. It was the most anticipated, the most talked about, and as far as producing a TV show, it was the most teaseable.

Chantal discussed feeling heavy in a swimsuit. Do the women have a lot of food around them while they’re waiting around to sort of snack on, cause they have a lot of down time? — Anonymous

It’s just like home. There’s always a refrigerator and a pantry. It’s one of the things I love about this show. I think it’s one of the things that all women can relate to, and I’ll go back to even Ali, cause Ali openly talked about how she gained weight. When she got nervous, and when she felt that pressure, she ate. You know, other girls will starve themselves. It’s funny how it’s all stuff that we, especially women, can relate to, about how women deal with pressure. Chantal, kind of like with Ali, felt like she gained weight on the show. So I don’t know in particular if she ate more than she usually does or if she drank more than she usually does, but obviously she felt like she did. But again, I think it’s like the real world, with real life issues. That’s why I love that we don’t have actresses that weigh six pounds and are beautiful all the time. Because that’s not the real world and that’s not how it works. We all don’t wake up in the morning and look beautiful. I do, but not everybody.

Chris, do you ever have a moment to commiserate with the women after they’re kicked off like Brad does? — NanaTue

It really depends. Sometimes I do, yes, and sometimes it doesn’t work out. They need to be taken to another hotel, if we’re in a foreign country, and then I never see them. Sometimes they’ll come back, or I’ll see them at the airport the next day when we’re flying out, so it really depends on the season and from person to person. I like it when I get to see them cause I get to know some of them — some of them become my friends. I keep in touch with a lot of former Bachelorettes and contestants. Especially now that we’re doing this Bachelor Gives Back charity, I see a lot of them at events and I love it. That’s a huge added bonus of my job. Andrew Firestone is a great friend of mine. I talk to Trista and Ryan all the time, and Gillian and I keep in touch.

You’ve answered this question as well but readers still are very curious. Why is the driveway always wet? — EricaTue

Television. There’s no other reason than it looks pretty on TV. And now it’s funny, cause I know people talk about it so much that every time they hose the driveway down, I just laugh cause I’m like oh, they’re gonna be talking about this. If you just look at this dry, pick driveway and then if you hose it off a bit, it looks so much better. Several times it actually rained and it was legitimately wet.

Do the gowns ever wet? — EricaTue

Oh yeah, totally, and I feel so bad. I sit right next to the guy who helps with wardrobe, and these girls buy their own dresses, but if they have any train dragging on the floor, it’s soaking wet by the time they get it. Or I feel bad for the ones that tell Brad to get down on one knee and I’m like, no!

What was up with the Mr. Rogers sweater in Episode Four — the blue/grey cardigan? — KGB

I don’t know. I love that my fashion is such a big deal. I love clothes, and I love pushing the envelope and having fun with stuff. I always have to be so conservative; I always have to be the guy that blends into the background, so I don’t know I like that people compare me to Mr. Rogers.

So have you chosen the Bachelorette? — LST

Well maybe, maybe not. I know a lot of people think that she’s already chosen and every year that it’s already sealed, but for us, we really want to know what the fans think and see what the reaction is at the end of this and see how it plays out. There’s really no reason for us to paint ourselves into a corner if we don’t have to. We’re in production for a while so why not wait and see what the fallout is from this Bachelor or maybe we meet somebody who everyone just falls in love with. There’s really no reason to nail it down yet.

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