Image Credit: TM Lucasfilm, LtdBefore the first chapter of George Lucas’ space opera returns to theaters in three-dimension form next Feb. 10, old-school movie theater marquees across the country will need to be structurally reinforced. Just think of the sheer weight of the lettering required for Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace in 3-D!

I appreciate that the soundness of movie marquees is not the primary concern for some skeptical Star Wars fans who harrumph at the 3-D conversion of the two iconic trilogies. It all depends on the quality of 3-D conversion, of course, but I choose to be optimistic and trust that if there’s one thing George Lucas knows and knows well, it’s cinematic technology. No chance he gives us a 3-D transfer as poor as Clash of the Titans, right? (Right?) In the thirteen-plus hours of the far-far-away science-fiction adventure, beginning on Naboo and ending on Endor, there are more than a few scenes that will get this Gen-Xer back in the theater to experience the Force anew. My Top 10 Star Wars scenes ripe for 3-D:

10. Chewbacca playing space chess with R2-D2. Three-dimensional chess in 3-D? That equals nine dimensions! (A New Hope)

9. The first Death Star explodes, Special Edition style. (ANH)

8. Anakin and Padmé battle the beasts in the Geonosis coliseum. (Attack of the Clones)

7. Princess Leia in her slave-girl get-up (I make no apologies). (Return of the Jedi)

6. Palpatine hurls the seats from the Galactic Senate at Yoda. (Revenge of the Sith)

5. Luke brings down a hulking AT-AT on Hoth. (The Empire Strikes Back)

4. Anakin and Obi-wan race through Coruscant, hot on the trail of the shapeshifting assassin, Zam Wesell. (AOTC)

3. Young Anakin outduels Sebulba in the Ben-Hur-ian podrace on Tatooine. (The Phantom Menace)

2. Luke and Leia race through the Endor forest, chasing stormtroopers on speeders. (ROTJ)

1. The Millennium Falcon swerves through the asteroid field, chased by Imperial TIE Fighters. (ESB)

What scenes are you most eagerly anticipating in 3-D?