By Tanner Stransky
Updated March 03, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

About a week ago, we here at The Music Mix posed the question: Is J.Lo back? Well, after watching the music video for her new, Pitbull-laced single “On the Floor” debut on American Idol earlier this evening, the answer is rather resoundingly: Yes! The video (coupled with her genius judging skills on Idol) is a return to glamour and fabulousness for the diva who, less than two years ago, could be found falling off her Louboutins while singing the miserable “Louboutins” at the AMAs.

Before we go further, watch the video here, and then enjoy my commentary right afterward:

The reasons that “On the Floor” succeeds? First, it transports, which any good music video should do. Secondly, it looks expensive—another music video must. And lastly, it’s sexy! It’s clear J.Lo was trying to take us to one place and one place only with this clip: the sultry, good life in Las Vegas. Right? The video is laced with glitter-covered freaks, people wearing sunglasses indoors, chandeliers, and various club folk—all staples of expense, sex, and—yes—Sin City.

And, although it may not seem like it at first viewing, there appears to be some sort of storyline going on in the clip, but it’s sort of difficult to discern. Some questions that may lead us to answers: Is Fancy J.Lo in the club rafters (with a killer cane/walking stick and festooned outfit) somehow overseeing her doppelganger self, Save the Last Dance J.Lo, take over the dance floor below? Could it all be a dream? Where does Sparkly, Spider-Webbed Catsuit J.Lo fit into the mix? Is Fancy J.Lo mad that Save the Last Dance J.Lo captured the attention of Pitbull—and the rest of the club? Is there an evil twin—or triplet?—situation going on here?

So many questions. So few answers! A couple other details must be noted: 1) J.Lo’s abs are still amazing. In case you were wondering. And 2) This thing is basically a commercial! I noted product placement for BMW, Swarovski, and Crown Royal. Not to mention the unintentional placement of fake eyelashes and wigs, weaves, and other hair-extending products!

So, dear readers, can you answer any of my storyline-based questions from above? Do you love the video? Hate it? Does it make you want to get “On the Floor”? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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