This is a big day for Game of Thrones fans.

First, below is the new trailer for HBO’s intensely anticipated fantasy series. It’s billed as the cable network’s first “full-length” promo featuring new footage for Thrones and it’s also the strongest ad we’ve seen yet. Thrones, HBO’s “Sopranos-with-swords” drama series based on a bestselling series of novels by George R. R. Martin, premieres April 17. The trailer, which you’ll only find here on EW, is slightly NSFW (sort of PG-13-ish … the show itself, btw, is very NSFW). Then for longtime fans of the novels, be sure to see our other breaking Thrones news below…

I know. The Wall. Jamie. Tyrion. Very cool. Anyway, that’s not all. “When will you finish?” is a question author Martin has been asked countless times as he’s worked on the fifth installment of his series that launched with Game of Thrones. Well, EW has, right here and now, no waiting, the looooooong awaited Book 5 — A Dance With Dragons — publication date, exclusive, plus the book’s jacket cover art (oh quit looking perplexed, Kindle owners!). Plus, a snippet of the first interview with George R.R. Martin since he finished the book.

So, are you ready for the Dragons publication date?

It’s less than a year away…

It’s more than a month away…

It’s also more than two months away…

It’s …on EW’s books blog Shelf Life (duh, Inside TV is the TV blog, what were you thinking? Go here now now now).

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