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Image Credit: Frank MIcelotta/FoxSo, looks like every contestant who doesn't win the 10th season of American Idol will hate The Breakfast Club: David Cook's rep has announced that Simon Fuller has chosen the season 7 winner's cover of Simple Minds' 1985 hit "Don't You (Forget About Me)" as this season's farewell song. But this is good, good news, for several reasons: 1) My mother, a reported Cougar 4 Cook, will be happy every Thursday night, no matter who goes home, 2) This sounds much, much better than "Celebrate Me Home," and 3) It's a step in ensuring that we never forget about David Cook (at least this season), giving him some extra press for his upcoming sophomore album (out in May), which every Archie-hater like me is hoping catapults to the top of the charts. Come on, watch this and try to tell me the nice-guy Idol winner doesn't deserve at least Daughtry levels of success!

You can listen to Cook's version of the song — which, judging by his covers of "Hello" and "Always Be My Baby" during his Idol run, will be awesomely unique — if you pre-order the singer's upcoming album. (The song will be available on iTunes on March 8.) Here's the problem: I'm a cheap bastard who needs to afford rent this month, so I'm holding off on luxury items. So, to you hardcore Cook fans out there (Mom), let us know: Will Cook's cover be the next "Bad Day" or the next "Leave Right Now"? (It certainly has a kinder title than the latter.) And another reason to rejoice: Cook's rep confirmed to EW that the singer will perform not once, but twice on the Idol stage this season!

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