By Keith Staskiewicz
Updated March 01, 2011 at 08:40 PM EST

Fans of Justin Cronin’s Twilight-plus-The Stand-plus-awesomely violent vampires-minus-Twilight novel The Passage rejoice: We have a double-dose of those limbs-ripping, telepathic bloodsuckers for you. First, there’s the cover for the upcoming paperback edition, which will be especially helpful for those of you who didn’t have the arm-strength to take the nearly 800-page tome along to the beach last year. As you can see, the paperback trades in the hardcover’s creepy darkened woods for something brighter and a bit more…AHH! There’s a face!! Sorry, I didn’t see that at first.

We also have an exclusive excerpt from Cronin’s in-the-works sequel The Twelve, set to release sometime in 2012. Check it out below, and for those whose curiosity is piqued by this Passage passage, a larger extract will be included in the paperback, which hits stores on May 17.

They came, gliding from the blackness.  First one and then another and another, forming a penumbra of pulsing light where they crouched at the edge of the shadows.  And in her mind she heard the voices, always the voices, the voices and the question:

Who am I?

She waited.

Who am I who am I who am I?

But he was not among them. Wolgast, the one who had loved her.  Where are you? she thought, her heart aching with loneliness, for night after night, as she had felt this new thing happening inside her, he had failed to answer her call.  Why have you left me alone?  But Wolgast was nowhere, not in the wind or the sky or the sound of the earth’s slow turning.  The man he was, was gone.

Who am I who am I who am I who am I who am I who am I?

She waited as long as she dared.  The minutes ticked away.   Then, footsteps on the catwalk, coming closer: the sentry.

–You are me, she told them.  You are me.  Now go.

They scattered into the darkness.