Fans of Justin Cronin’s Twilight-plus-The Stand-plus-awesomely violent vampires-minus-Twilight novel The Passage rejoice: We have a double-dose of those limbs-ripping, telepathic bloodsuckers for you. First, there’s the cover for the upcoming paperback edition, which will be especially helpful for those of you who didn’t have the arm-strength to take the nearly 800-page tome along to the beach last year. As you can see, the paperback trades in the hardcover’s creepy darkened woods for something brighter and a bit more…AHH! There’s a face!! Sorry, I didn’t see that at first.

We also have an exclusive excerpt from Cronin’s in-the-works sequel The Twelve, set to release sometime in 2012. Check it out below, and for those whose curiosity is piqued by this Passage passage, a larger extract will be included in the paperback, which hits stores on May 17.