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Image Credit: PR PhotosCostume and fashion designer Patricia Field, famous for her work work on Sex and the City and Ugly Betty, has come to the defense of designer John Galliano. Earlier today, French fashion house Christian Dior announced that it cut official ties with Galliano, after he allegedly hurled anti-Semitic epithets at customers of a Paris cafe.

Field blasted a message to friends, media, and blogs, which she also posted to her Facebook page and titled, “IN PRAISE OF JOHN GALLIANO.” The cryptic statement read: “Beauty, intelligence and energy would describe John as I know him. Where in this trilogy could one find hate? I ask you! My second question is…What exactly did he say? And the third is…What is really going on here??”

Field followed up the statement with a call to fashion industry bible Women’s Wear Daily, where she gave an interview further defending Galliano. “People in fashion all they do is go and see John Galliano theater every season,” she said. “That’s what he gives them. To me, this was the same except it wasn’t in a theater or in a movie. John lives in theater. It’s theater. It’s farce. But people in fashion don’t recognize the farce in it. All of a sudden they don’t know him. But it’s okay when it’s Mel Brooks’ The Producers singing ‘Springtime for Hitler.’”

Field continued, reiterating that she can’t understand how people don’t see the theater and farce in Galliano’s actions. “They don’t even see the farce in it. Fashion people who know him have not come forward. They know his theater,” she said. “Believe me — my name is Field — my stepfather was Jewish.”