By James Hibberd
Updated March 01, 2011 at 06:17 PM EST

Yar! We cast our net into the scoopage sea and caught a whole boatload of Deadliest Catch news: Season seven’s premiere date, a bunch of plot details and, best of all, the first trailer.

The Emmy-winning Discovery hit is coming off one of the most heartbreaking seasons in reality TV history, which chronicled the passing of Capt. Phil Harris. The real-life tragedy cemented the show’s focus on the fishermen involved with Deadliest Catch and not the workplace procedural drama of catching crabs.

This season opens with Josh and Jake Harris needing to show the rest of the fleet they can come back and perform as co-owners of the Cornelia Marie. Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand may soon find their crabbing lucky streak is coming to an end. Captain Sig Hansen is left guessing if brother Edgar is showing up this season. Captain Keith Colburn ventures into uncharted fishing grounds hoping for a big pay-off for the Wizard. Plus, two new boats join the fleet, including one that’s been dubbed the “floating frat house,” which introduces a young and rowdy crew (fingers crossed for a floating sorority house of crab fisherwomen in season eight). Deadliest will premiere April 12 at 9 p.m., here’s the first trailer:

(Bonus and warning: Ever wonder what Deadliest Catch would be like on HBO? This NSFW video is such a fresh catch, Discovery hasn’t put the bleeps in yet, so be prepared to hear the fisherman swear like, well, sailors):

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