Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesMark Ruffalo didn’t win the Best Supporting Actor trophy last night — that honor went to Christian Bale — but the Kids Are All Right star took to Twitter yesterday before the ceremony to offer an extended thank-you to his co-workers, support staff, friends and family. The 17 tweets might have earned Ruffalo some play-off music on the telecast, but in text form they’re charming, moving, and quite funny. (They also reconfirm that Mark Ruffalo is so cool, he makes you want to be a better person, just so you can be earn the ultimate reward of being reincarnated as Mark Ruffalo in your next life.) Check out Ruffalo’s full tweet-acceptance after the jump…

So just in case I don’t win tonight and even if I did the Academy forbids thanking people in your speech I would like 2 selfishly use tweets

Thank You Sunrise. My wife and my partner in crime and fun and hard times and joy and sadness in heartbreak and healing and dinners and kids

Lisa Cholodenko, Thank you so much in your belief in me and allowing me. You love Actors and create a work place where we are free. Adore U.

I must thank my dear fellow Actors. Especially the Glorious Julianne Moore. Any recognition must be shared with her. It was all in the dance

Annette, Mia, Josh, Thank you for making it so easy to react off you and live off your brilliant naturalistic performances. Honored.

The crew, thank you for being such a great team. We all had a hell of a good time and you didn’t skip a single beat in 23 days of no sleep.

I would like to thank Stuart Blumberg and Lisa for creating a beautiful script with real people doing real and human things. Paul kicks ass.

I would like to thank all the producers but especially Jeffery Levy-Hinte who is an unsung hero. You carried this movie to the finish.Thanks

James Shamus and the folks at Focus Features, Thank you. You have given this movie every opportunity and supported us in cash and spirit. XO

Mom and Dad, Thanks for telling me I would be okay if I left home and went to LA. Thanks for helping me when you couldn’t afford it. Love U

Keen, Bella, Odette my dearest ones, my little teachers. Thank you so much for being patient with Papa having to be away so much.

Last but not least. The people who came out to see the movie and support it and talk about it and send your friends. You are being honored 2

I know I must be forgetting someone. IF I am I will amend my twit-speech. I would like to also shout out to all actors. 5000yr tradition!!

Of Course. I would like to thank my Lawyer Keith Klevan and My publicists Annett Wolf, Jessica Kolstad, Marla Farrel, Candace Cheong, et al

Thank you, Gaby Morgerman and Robert Stein

Thank you my current Managers. The best is yet to come. Aleen Keshishian, Scott Wexler, Margaret Riley, thanks for making this a great time

Thanks UTA and my kick ass Agent team. Shani Rosenzweig, Billy Lazarus, Tracy Jacobs and Rena Ronson and everyone else who has been so kind.

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