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Image Credit: A.M.P.A.S.While some filmmakers accept 3-D as the inevitable next step — heck, even old-school Martin Scorsese is dabbling in the technology with Hugo Cabret — some of today’s top directors are still holding out. Take Christopher Nolan, whose Inception would seem tailor-made for three dimensions. (Just imagine that Paris cityscape folding on top of you.) Yet Nolan, who still insists on shooting on film rather than video, has complained about the limitations of shooting 3-D, and he has no wish to turn The Dark Knight Rises into a 3-D spectacle.

Though Nolan was silent over the weekend, his Oscar-winning cinematographer, Wally Pfister, addressed the subject backstage at the Academy Awards. “I’m personally not a big 3-D fan. It doesn’t really work for me. I don’t like the glasses, I don’t like the dark image, you know, through there. And it’s it feels a little gimmicky to me. That’s my own personal preference, I’m not a big fan of that,” said Pfister, who’s shot all six of Nolan’s films. “In terms of the immersion for the audience, we like to do things like film things in IMAX and put it on a much larger canvas and higher resolution rather than three dimensional. So in terms of what’s happening with Inception, you know, Chris and I are like-minded in that way. I don’t know whether they’re going release a DVD version in 3-D or not, but that’s definitely [going to release]. It’s just not something I’m that interested in as a filmmaker.”

Film buffs might applaud the duo’s commitment to the highest-quality 2-D, but studio bean-counters must be impatiently strumming their fingers against their desks. Would you still like to see Inception in 3-D, as rumored, and will you be disappointed if The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t show in 3-D?

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