Charlie Sheen has been hinting at this for days, but on Good Morning America, the actor came right out and declared he will sue CBS.

The actor has been going on the offensive against his employer since the network pulled the plug on Two and a Half Men following his hostile radio interviews.

“Wouldn’t you?” he said to ABC correspondent Andrea Canning. “I’m out of a job. I’ve got a whole family to support and love. People beyond myself are relying on that money.”

“What are you going to sue for?” she asked.

“Tons,” he said. “I’m here to collect. They’re going to lose. They’re going to lose in a courtroom, so I would recommend that they do an out-of-court settlement.”

Sheen did strike one conciliatory note. On ABC he offered an apology of sorts to Chuck Lorre, the Men showrunner he’s attacked for days.

“I’m sorry if I offended you,” Sheen said. “Didn’t know you were so sensitive. I thought after you wailing on me for eight years, that I could take a few shots back. I didn’t know you were going to take your ball and go home and punish everybody in the process.”

As for his “Chaim Levine” remark, which some say was anti-Semitic, Sheen said it was misinterpreted. “I feel terrible about [how that was interpreted]. There’s nothing about that in my history.”

Sheen had seemingly been laying the groundwork for a lawsuit for days — by agreeing to take a drug test, saying the network was in “breach,” and threatening to show up for work despite the production having been shut down. Basically suggesting: I’m doing my part, CBS isn’t doing theirs.

Sheen added to NBC’s Today that CBS owes him an apology, “publicly, while licking my feet.”

Sheen set a price for returning to the show: $3 million per episode, a massive raise from his current estimated $1.8 million salary that already has him ranked as TV’s highest paid actor.

“Look what they put me through,” Sheen said. (Video clip below)

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