Alex Jones, the radio host largely responsible for this week’s Charlie Sheen Warlock Tour media circus, went on The View today to thoroughly piss off four women and prompt the saddest face Barbara Walters has ever made. Jones vehemently corroborated his pal Sheen’s unique worldview and insisted that all of Sheen’s recent gloppy word salads were filled with the truth. “He’s tired of being judged and held up as the ultimate demon of this world,” explained Jones. “He didn’t kill people in Iraq. He’s not responsible for the takedown of [World Trade Center] Building 7…. We’ve got banks bankrupting the United States. He didn’t steal $23.7 trillion.”

“LET’S STAY ON TOPIC,” bellowed Whoopi, but Jones also wanted to keep screaming and inform everyone that “America’s turning into a police state,” that Charlie Sheen is not Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and that Jones’ website is called (Site’s tagline: “BECAUSE THERE IS A WAR ON FOR YOUR MIND.”) See video below and here:

Maybe Alex Jones’ next stop should be here at PopWatch HQ? After all, we totally understand the way he and Charlie Sheen think. And I haven’t made that WaWa face in at least three days.

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