Image Credit: FoxAmerican Idol judges using the TV juggernaut as a launchpad to revive their own ailing music careers isn’t a new concept—former Idol pundit Paula Abdul attempted it three years ago with her catchy-but-unable-to-catch-fire single “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,” to little success.

And now, Jennifer Lopez is giving the strategy a go by announcing that she’ll debut the video for her new, hot-on-iTunes jam “On the Floor” on Idol‘s results show next Thursday, March 3. So far it seems that Lopez is enjoying a greater measure of success. Let’s examine.

Without question, this is a shrewd move on Jenny’s part: Her viability as a viable Top-40 artist all but evaporated back in 2005 after single “Get Right” hit No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. Since then, she’s had a number of bombs, highlighted by her 2007 album Brave. That disc sold only 650,000 copies; only managed to chart “Do It Well” at No. 36; and then was followed with a string of singles like 2009’s “Louboutins,” which failed to go anywhere. Just about a year ago, she was dropped from her label.

But now, Lopez is undeniably hot again. Her stint on Idolincluding moments where she’s broken down and cried—have humanized her. And “On the Floor”? It’s made her club-cool again. And like I said, the banger is sitting at No. 2 on iTunes, just below Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” (Personally, I have to resist hitting repeat when it pops up on my iTouch, and it really gets me going when it comes on in spin classes.)

The minds behind Idol are (of course!) all about her comeback, too: They’re currently hosting a vote on where fans can vote for which ending of “On the Floor” they’d like to see when it debuts next week. Both endings look pretty similar, but that’s besides the point: The video looks amazing. Lopez is serving flawless realness, and it looks very expensive—both very important elements in the pop music world and to the old Lopez that everyone knew and loved.

So back to the question I posed in the headline of this post: Is Jenny from the Block back? Seems that way. But are you all embracing her as much as it appears? Sound off below, please.

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