Glenn Beck, under fire for comparing Reform Judaism to radicalized Islam on Tuesday, opened up his radio show yesterday with a lengthy apology about his remarks. “I’ve always told you to do your own homework, and in this case, I didn’t do enough homework,” said Beck, during a six-minute mea culpa that didn’t include tears but did include a fair amount of self-flagellation. “I made one of the worst analogies of all time. And I knew it when I said it,” said Beck. “Here I am talking about Judaism and I start comparing Islamic extremism. It was a nightmare.” Watch the entire clip below:

Beck’s initial remarks attracted immediate rebukes from the Anti-Defamation League and other Jewish organizations. I applaud Beck for owning up to his ignorance in such a forthright manner. Maybe it will become a recurring feature of the show.

Can I say I love Glenn’s archaic microphone? I’d ask if you felt Beck’s apology felt sincere, but everything about Beck is a form of sincerity. But did his apology enhance how you feel about him, one way or the other?

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