An HBO spokesperson confirmed to EW that the cable network has no deal in place to do a new show with Charlie Sheen. During one of the actor’s strange rants on Thursday, he texted Radaronline and said he plans to move to HBO and star in a program that will be “epic” and feature “all types of guests and we will focus on the truth and the absurd!”

He also claimed his new show, dubbed Sheen’s Corner, would pay him $5 million an episode. He currently earns $1.2 million an episode for headlining Two and A Half Men.

Even if Sheen were lucky enough to land a show any place else, he remains under contract with Warner Bros. TV through a ninth season of Two and A Half Men. He won’t be paid for the remainder of Men’s current season now that production has been suspended.

But why on earth did Sheen land on a network like HBO? It’s likely the actor — who’s making all these statements while vacationing in the Bahamas — chose the premium network because it’s the polar opposite of CBS and is considered a haven for creative freedom.

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