The pop star's name has appeared in our pages 1,071 times since her 1998 debut single ''Hit Me Baby One More Time''

By Tanner Stransky
Updated February 25, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST

Here’s a look at some of our most memorable Britney moments.

First Mention
Dec. 18, 1998
EW’s Beth Johnson gave ”One More Time” a B-. She ”sounds remarkably like the Backstreet Boys’ kid sister,” Johnson wrote. ”Not surprising, since BSB hit-meister Max Martin wrote the candy-pop-with-a-funky-edge smash debut. Catchy? Absolutely.”

First Cover
March 5, 1999
Just three months later, Spears was shot sporting a midriff-baring top alongside the members of *NSYNC. The inside story chronicled the business behind the Orlando teen-pop machine and quoted the then-17-year-old Spears on how she got her start: ”I came there with just some dinky little tape. When I signed I was like, ‘This is too good to be true!”’

Most Ironic-In-Hindsight Quote
Nov. 9, 2001
In her first solo cover story, EW’s Chris Nashawaty asked Spears to picture herself in 10 years, when the VH1 folks would document her inevitable fall from grace in a Behind the Music episode. ”OhmyGoooooood!” she said. ”First, the worst thing that could happen is if my boyfriend would break up with me. I would be totally devastated. And then, after the depression, maybe I did some dorky movies that were just bombs. Then, I don’t know…. Then I did another album that didn’t do very well. And then it’s back to working at my granny’s deli. Back to rolling quarters and boiling crawfish and smelling like a fish on my dates.”

Worst Review: Britney
Nov. 16, 2001
”After Spears released two albums (…Baby One More Time and Oops!…I Did It Again) with brazen singles that couldn’t compensate for the remaining filler,” wrote David Browne of her third CD, ”it was time for her to shimmy up to the plate and make a quality disc worthy of her potential.” She didn’t, and the album got a C.

Surprising Thumbs-Up: Crossroads
Feb. 22, 2002
Lisa Schwarzbaum liked Spears’ 2002 film debut, giving it a B+. ”Britney has been delivered to the big screen safe and sound, the way we like our 20-year-old superstar girls to travel on the fame freeway.”

Career Low Point
Sept. 21, 2007
The cover line summed up what everyone was thinking after Spears’ infamously dazed VMAs performance. We wondered whether she had just torched her career. ”What was billed as the music world’s biggest, most anticipated performance in months,” wrote Nicholas Fonseca, ”quickly turned into a dismal display of everything that’s gone wrong for Spears in recent years.”

Best Review: Blackout
Nov. 2, 2007
Spears’ 2007 album may have been her least promoted effort — shaving your head doesn’t really inspire label confidence — but it was the one we liked best upon release. ”Blackout — a collection of well-produced, thoroughly enjoyable dance songs — may just put this once-celebrated pop star back on top,” wrote Margeaux Watson, who awarded the album a B+.