What do we learn about alien Paul (Seth Rogen) in the March 18 film’s new red band trailer? Well, he’s “kinda rude,” according to Kristen Wiig’s character, he (naturally) enjoys Reese’s Pieces, and earthlings are oddly fixated on his “spaceman balls.” Seriously, Paul’s groin gets not one, not two, but three mentions in the trailer — and, since I’m a 13-year-old boy, I’ll admit I giggled. Paul could be a film, like Rogen’s Pineapple Express, that benefits from a promising red band trailer — the sheer silliness of Paul‘s plot is bolstered by some R-rated gags. Tame, somewhat predictable jokes seen in previous trailers made me worry I’d be unable to focus on anything other than bad CGI. Watch the new red band trailer for Paul below.

Does anyone else find it difficult to not think of this guy when you hear “spaceman”?

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