By Tanner Stransky
February 24, 2011 at 11:44 PM EST

Image Credit: Andrea PuckettAnother day, another dozen headlines dominated by music and media’s favorite person: Lady Gaga. Today’s news from Gaga centers around three things: When we’ll see her forthcoming music video(s!) for “Born This Way”; the continued chart dominance of “Born This Way”; and her appearance on The Gayle King Show this morning. To make it easy, let’s take in the news in digest form:

  • “Born This Way” music video(s): Gaga Tweeted late last night that her music video for hot, hot, hot single “Born This Way” is coming on Monday, Feb. 28. “You did it Monsters!” she wrote on Twitter. “‘Born This Way’ is #1 in 14 countries + were #1 again on Hot 100! Thank you for believing! Video Monday 28th 11am Est.” The other beat to the music video story is that there will apparently be two — yes, two! — music videos for the song. Besides the video for the single, she’ll do a second video for the acoustic version of “Born This Way” that will be available on iTunes. Proceeds from the clip will go to charity.
  • Single success: Shocker! “Born This Way” is still dominating the charts, specifically the Billboard Hot 100, where it sits at the top for the second week in a row, after last week being crowned the chart’s 1,000th No. 1 single.
  • The Gayle King Show: Gaga appeared to talk about “everything,” the show’s press folks said. In a clip—which you can watch in full after the jump—Gaga talked about the scrutiny she’s under as a public figure. “I think there’s a tremendous amount of analysis that goes into everything, which is sort of two-fold,” she told Gayle. “On the one hand, when I seed cultural statements into things that I do, people say, ‘Well, why are you doing that?’ And then if I don’t, people say, ‘You’re boring.'” Earlier she had said: “I always like to say, people take me too seriously and not seriously enough all at the same time.” Watch a clip of the interview here:
  • Did any other Gaga news of the day trip your trigger? How much are you anticipating the video for “Born This Way”? Sound off below!

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