This really is a new way to do the Oscars. James Franco continues his Twitter teases as Sunday’s ceremony approaches, most recently with a 19-second clip of he, co-host Anne Hathaway, and some dancing extras reenacting the carnival scene from Grease. This could be something from their opening, which producer Bruce Cohen has told EW will involve a combination of filmed and live elements, some singing, and “a very exciting and special guest star or two.” Or perhaps it’s a part of some kind of tribute to the movie musical. (Rumors had been circulating that the duo would be performing “Suddenly, Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors, which Cohen told us sadly didn’t make the cut.) Watch the clip below, as well as some bonus promo outtakes. So far, I’m loving everything about the build-up to this year’s Oscars except ABC’s insistence that Franco and Hathaway are hosting “Oscar.” That annoy anyone else?

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