Thanks to last night’s Tosh.0‘s “Spoiler Alert” movie segment, the film Tiptoes — which stars Matthew McConaughey as a man worried that the child Kate Beckinsale is about to deliver will be a dwarf like the rest of his family (including, “in the role of a lifetime,” Gary Oldman) — is a popular search term today. Watch the trailer below, along with Daniel Tosh’s synopsis. If Tosh is right, the film does not have the happy ending the preview hints at. I did a quick search through the EW archives, and we appear to have only ever written about this film once in the magazine. Covering the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, where the drama premiered, we reported: “Biggest Meltdown: Tiptoes director Matthew Bright, whose creative differences with the film’s husband-and-wife producers caused him to wish them ‘dead’ and note that one resembled ‘an a–hole with teeth.'” BRILLIANT. Bright has never directed a feature again, but he’s listed as a writer on the reportedly in-the-works adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Idiot, which is rumored to star Twilight‘s Jackson Rathbone. Tiptoes writer Bill Weiner has no credits listed before the film, or after. The movie, should you be so inspired, is available through Netflix. It’s also available on Amazon Instant Video for $9.99, though you might be better off purchasing a used DVD for $0.49. I myself have never seen it, which is shocking considering my love of the craptacular and penchant for finding bad ideas more fascinating than good ones. But before you drop two quarters, make sure you can at least sit through this scene and these ones (tough even with the always awesome Peter Dinklage). I couldn’t.