Hollywood loves its remakes. It’s a reality we’ve all got to live with. But does that mean we have to accept it? I say, “Hell to the no!” — especially in the light of news that Paramount is going forward with its remake of the 1991 comedy Soapdish, which was first reported last May. This totally underrated gem about the backstage drama at a daytime soap opera does not deserve to have its memory defiled by what could very well be a pale and lackluster update. (Of course, maybe it will be great — because sometimes, on rare occasions, remakes don’t totally suck.) But honestly, can you improve on perfection? Can you improve on a cast that includes Sally Field, Robert Downey Jr. (at his manic best — see clip after the jump), Whoopi Goldberg (once upon a time she was quite a funny lady) and Kevin Kline? When I try to imagine other people playing Celeste Talbert and Jeffrey Anderson, I feel like my brain will literally explode within the next three hours. Tell me, Dish fans, am I overreacting?