Image Credit: John Parra/WireImage.comRene Russo, who stars as Thor’s immortal mother in this summer’s comic-book tentpole, will next play the real-life groupie who married the young rock star of her dreams and then watched him burn-out in the indie, Frank and Cindy. Based on the 2007 documentary of the same name about Frank Garcia — bassist for the early 1980’s one-hit wonder OXO, and his older wife, Cindy Brown — Frank and Cindy will shoot this summer, according to John Pierce, who will produce with actor Scoot McNairy (Monsters). Brown’s son, G.J. Echternkamp, who made the award-winning doc, will also direct the feature film. (Echternkamp’s documentary was also featured in an altered form on an episode of Showtime’s This American Life.)

Pierce, who expects to announce the rest of the cast next month, tells EW that he’s aiming for an unknown or someone from the music world to play Garcia, an uninspired musician who’s been banished to the couple’s basement apartment. Check out the trailer for the original doc for a taste of what happens when the music stops.