George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, ... | MUTUAL ATTRACTION Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney in Out of Sight
Credit: Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

Long before Jennifer Lopez had a hard time saying no to American Idol hopefuls, she had the same problem with George Clooney in Out of Sight (1998, R, 2 hrs., 3 mins.). What woman wouldn’t, I suppose. After all, this was the exact moment when Clooney, with all of his rakish, five-o’clock-shadow charm, proved that he might just have what it takes to be a movie star. Based on a pretzelly Elmore Leonard novel, Steven Soderbergh’s cool-cat caper feels like a dry run for his and Clooney’s ring-a-ding-ding Ocean’s Eleven movies, but done on the cheap and without all of the Vegas glitz. The soundtrack couldn’t be funkier, the cast is a rogues’ gallery of character actors like Dennis Farina, Don Cheadle, and Steve Zahn cutting it up, and the scenes between the two eye-candy leads couldn’t be steamier — especially their writhing introduction in the trunk of a getaway car. It’s a hell of a film. And it looks better than ever on a new Blu-ray that’s generously crammed with Extras. There’s a juicy commentary from Soderbergh and screenwriter Scott Frank, who are clearly on a mission to rib their leading man, pointing out the awkward way Clooney walks in the opening scene and mentioning how he got his butt handed to him while playing basketball against convicts when they were shooting on location at Angola prison. There are also a couple of deleted scenes that aren’t the usual cutting-room scraps tacked onto most DVDs, such as an extended version of the now-famous J. Lo?G. Clo trunk scene that’s even sexier than the one in the finished film — if that’s possible. A?

Out of Sight
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