Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty ImagesFilmmaker Spike Lee and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee have written a picture book, Giant Steps to Change the World. The book centers on individuals who “made giant steps to make the world a better place/and left big shoes for you to fill.”

According to the leaked, unauthorized biography by a former Sarah Palin aide, Frank Bailey, Palin apparently has a secret Facebook account that is used to “Like” many of her daughter’s updates on the site, as well as those of Palin’s own profile. I’m sure there are way juicier revelations in the book, but I find this quite scandalous. That’s poor Facebook form.

Two researchers uncovered 69 books, some of which include handwritten notes, that belonged to Thomas Jefferson in the Washington University of St. Louis rare book collection. The search continues in the collection for even more volumes from the Founding Father. I smell a National Treasure sequel.

Book review wars between snippy authors aren’t uncommon, but apparently, writing a bad review in France can get you sued.

Book-shoppers around the country pay final respects to Borders stores before they shutter for good. Also, a roundup of commentary about Borders’ demise and what it means in the long-run.

Johnny Depp admits to being a “comic-book head” as a kid and names his favorite comic book characters.

If you guys out there think book clubs are a hobby firmly in the ladies’ domain–think Oprah, white wine, Kathryn Stockett–you’re wrong. You book-talking men may have compatriots … in the UK, at least.