I always loved when The Spectacled Critic and The Bald Critic would tangle over movies from the balcony during Oscar season, so I was a sucker for Leonard Maltin discussing this year’s Oscars with Mike Tyson, via FunnyOrDie. The champ flexed his dynamic verbosity, calling Halle Berry’s performance in his Best Picture prediction Avatar “stupyfying.” Maltin carefully switched subjects, asking Tyson what he thought of Mark Wahlberg’s performance in The Fighter and whether Wahlberg could hold his own in the ring. “Is it going to be Marky Mark by himself or is he going to have the Funky Bunch with him?” asked Tyson. “There’s a possibility he might get obliviated without the Funky Bunch.”

I nominate Mike Tyson to work the red carpet next Sunday. Check out the slightly NSFW meeting of cinematic minds below.